Grief Diaries: Victim Impact Statements


Part of the award-winning Grief Diaries, Victim Impact Statements is a collection of true stories and actual statements read in criminal court.

The victim impact statement is an indispensable tool that helps hold the offender accountable for the consequences of a crime. It gives the judge the rest of the story, the part that doesn’t appear in police reports or courtroom evidence, and connects vital pieces of information to emotions in a way people can relate to. Although difficult and painful, writing an impact statement is a critical opportunity to articulate the emotional aftermath of a crime.

In Victim Impact Statement, award-winning advocate Carl Harms offers valuable tips on how to write such a testimonial, followed by a collection of true stories and 25 real statements that serve as examples for family and loved ones who find themselves searching for justice in criminal court.

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PUBLICATION: July 17, 2017