Seeds of Hope

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Plant your love with personalized packets of Forget-Me-Not seeds (cynoglossum amiable). A treasured flower, this special seed makes a better cut flower than the old fashion variety, and produce a nice tall, sturdy stem up to 18". Perfect to grow for bouquets. Sow seeds one month apart to extend your bloom season. Each packet is personalized with your loved one's name, and is packaged in an environmentally sensitive, biodegradable and fully compostable bag.  Weight: 10 grams

The delicate blue petals and clusters of blooms has a rich history of meaning that makes it special in times of loss. Plant in a place dear to you. As the flowers bloom, you'll remember the love that never ends. What does the Forget-Me-Not flower mean?

  • True and undying love
  • Remembrance during partings or after death
  • A connection that lasts through time
  • Fidelity and loyalty in a relationship, despite separation or other challenges
  • Reminders of your favorite memories or time together with another person