Grief Diaries: Hit by Impaired Driver


Linda’s husband and two young sons were killed by a drunk driver in 2003. Shelly’s toddler was injured in a drunk driving crash in 1996. Michael’s brother Patrick was killed by an impaired driver in 2007. They all have two things in common: juggling an aftermath of overwhelming emotions while facing a journey in search of healing, understanding, and hope.

Part of the award-winning Grief Diaries series featuring true stories about real life experiences, Hit by Impaired Driver is a portable support group for people whose lives have been impacted by a drunk, drugged, distracted or impaired driver. Filled with answers to poignant questions, the stories invite readers who share the same path into a world where they’re surrounded by warmth, compassion and understanding. Learn more at

A portion of proceeds from the retail sales of this book is donated to the nonprofit organization The Magic of Life. Learn more at


PUBLICATION: June 1, 2017