The Journey of the Heart


From floating boxes to lifesaving riddles to an enlightened mirror, The Journey of the Heart is a timeless tale that speaks to the inner child in us all.

Courageously determined to escape their past and find a better fate than the ones they were born into, Mylandra and Unique embark on a journey toward discovering how to love themselves. Along the way, they learn that the heart can hold joy the same time as sorrow, and their past does not determine their future.

Celebrating the universal statement that our own truth is the best treasure of all, The Journey of the Heart offers heartfelt assurance that no matter into what circumstances we’re born, our future is ours to write.

Authored and beautifully illustrated by transformative artist Anna Cley, this enchanting tale inspires children and adults alike to look beyond their own circumstances and bravely seek what we all rightfully deserve—happiness, fulfillment and, of course, love.

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