Personalized Keepsake Box

Please specify the name for the lid

Keepsake boxes are a treasured gift with special meaning. Each box is elegantly handcrafted from African sapele and beautifully personalized with details of your choice. The generous size of over 16 inches allows ample interior for precious safekeeping of your treasured momentoes. Double hinge closure. Felted interior.

Measures 16.5" x 7" x 12"

Each box is handcrafted. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

Our Story:

In 2009, our 15-year-old daughter, Aly, a competitive swimmer and straight-A student, was tragically killed in a car accident while coming home from a swim meet. Overcome with grief, my beloved 46-year-old husband, Jamie, suffered a major stroke that left him unable to speak, read, write, or walk. My world had come to a complete standstill. 
Jamie was hospitalized for 17 days. When he finally came home, we faced an uncertain future of outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapies to help Jamie relearn activities of daily living. Our days became filled with appointment after appointment with catnaps in between. 
Little by little, Jamie's hard work and determination paid off. He graduated from the wheelchair to a walker to a cane to solid footing. He relearned how to feed himself, bathe, pour a glass of water, and change out of pajamas.
It's been five years since the devastating stroke that robbed us of so much. Jamie has since regained mobility but his right side remains numb. The speech center in his brain, which was destroyed by the stroke, will always remain severely challenged. He keeps himself and his mind active by puttering around in his workshop making beautiful one-of-a-kind gifts for family and friends.
Slow moving and frequent rest periods prevent Jamie from making gifts as gainful employment, but delighting others with his woodworking brings joy to his day. A natural craftsman at heart, his attention to detail is unparalleled, and it's evident that everything he creates with his hands come right from his heart. 
Through losing our daughter and Jamie's devastating stroke, his workshop full of love has become his own personal silver lining after the storm, and is a daily reminder that while not every day is beautiful, there is beauty in every day. 
P.S. The American flag table was a wedding gift to our niece. It took Jamie nearly a year, but his patience and determination to never give up produced a wedding gift unlike any other, and one my niece and her husband will cherish for life. 
Warm regards,
Lynda Cheldelin Fell   |