How We Got Started

AlyBlue Media was launched by Lynda Cheldelin Fell, a mother of four and grandmother of two who treasures moments of joy, laughter, and the little things in life.  Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Lynda has been a dedicated humanitarian devoting countless hours to serve others since her teen years.  

In 2009, Lynda and her beloved husband lost their third child, a 15 year-old competitive swimmer named Aly, in a tragic car accident while coming home from watching Michael Phelps compete in the U.S. Open in Seattle.  Surrounded by love and support from family, friends, and a wonderful community, Lynda was determined to overcome the darkness of profound loss, and was just finding her footing when her 46 year-old husband suffered a major stroke leaving him with permanent disabilities. Seeing the world through the filter of sorrow, Lynda found comfort by helping others who were struggling, and this fueled her passion to create a legacy of help, healing and hope.  

Lynda created AlyBlue Media in loving memory of her daughter to house her growing endeavors centered around offering comfort, healing and hope around the world.  

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